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Snapchat allows you to see how you’d look like in metaverse

Users who want to try the Avatar Lens are required to install the Snapchat app and scan the QR code on the Avatar Lens page

Snapchat metaverse

Snapchat allows you to see how you’d look like in metaverse. Source:

Snapchat has released a filter that shows how people will look like in the metaverse.

The ‘Avatar’ lens uses augmented reality (AR) technology. It is different from other AR filters given that it changes everything including the face and the clothes. It is also the newest filter that uses AR automation.

The unveiling of Avatar Lens comes just as the popularity of the word metaverse grows. The product is also an improvement of Snapchat’s previous AR filters such as Cartoon 3D Style and Cartoon. The only thing that has been retained is the background.

In June 2021, Snapchat added Cartoon 3D Style lens. When used, users looked like Disney’s Frozen franchise characters. The popularity and the use of Cartoon 3D Style lens took a hit and earned 2.8 billion impressions a week after it was released.

Snapchat aims at capitalizing on the metaverse talk with the introduction of Avatar. This comes as the company continues to invest in augmented reality.

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