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Tesla enters India in early 2021

Elon Musk confirmed the launch on Twitter


Tesla enters India in early 2021. Source:

According to the Indian Express, transport Minister Nitin Gadkari has unveiled that Tesla will start in India early next year.

The minister also told that the manufacturer of electric vehicles will start with sales, and then, depending on the answer, may engage in assembly and production.

India plans to reduce its dependence on oil and reduce pollution, but its efforts to contribute electric transport have been baffled by the reason of investment lack in manufacturing.

The first launched model will reportedly be Model 3. It is the cheapest item among Tesla cars, starting at $74,739 (INR 5.5 million).

The Maharashtra government invited Tesla to the state several weeks after Musk assumed the incoming to India next year. Meanwhile, the electric car maker rose 2% premarket.

We’ve reported that SpaceX has successfully launched the Falcon 9 booster for the seventh time. The launch adds 60 extra Starlink satellites.


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