Two Nordic countries will issue digital vaccine certificates

 That will be quick and easy to prove a completed vaccination

vaccine certificates

Two Nordic countries will issue digital vaccine certificates. Source:

Denmark and Sweden have announced plans to issue COVID-19 digital vaccination certificates, reports.

This comes as countries across Europe work on the development of initiatives to ease the identification of persons who have been vaccinated against COVID-19. The move will enable economies whose development had stalled as a result of the virus to restart.

The COVID-19 vaccination certificates will also enable Nordic countries to restart activities that had been restricted such as travel and the attendance of events.

Sweden looks to start the issuance of the digital certificates in June, a move that will ease the identification of people who have completed the vaccination.

The issuance of the digital vaccination certificates in Denmark will contribute to an appropriate, sound, and gradual reopening of the country.

And with the world still battling the pandemic, vaccination passports could become a necessity in the much-anticipated return to normal life. However, the passports must adhere to user privacy regulations.

Various technology and health industry players including Salesforce, Oracle, and Microsoft have been formed. The industry players are tasked with the development of a uniform model for organizations involved in the administration of the vaccines to make documentation available in an easily accessible digital format.

The vaccination Credentials Initiative (VCI) has stated that the record systems that are currently in use do not support convenient control, access, and sharing of the vaccination records.

We’ve reported that India is expected to provide 700 million doses of Covaxin in 2021.


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