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Virgin Money Australia unveiled a digital banking platform

The new “digital-first” banking infrastructure was built from the ground up, which required a fresh BPAY connection

Virgin Money Australia

Virgin Money Australia unveiled a digital banking platform. Source:

Virgin Money Australia has unveiled a digital banking platform with reward-heavy products targeting younger Australians – and the BPAY payment option is a key part of the offering.

When we launched, we wanted to go live with all the payment options for our customers. For us, BPAY is one of those really important tools, and we wanted to make sure that we provided that functionality to our customers
Mark Edwards, Virgin Money's Senior Product Manager of Deposits

To enable the connection with BPAY, Virgin Money relied on BPAY’s APIs, including one to retrieve biller details and another that validates the payment before processing.

Virgin Money was able to run comprehensive tests in BPAY’s API sandbox before launch. The sandbox enables users to experiment and select which APIs they’d like to use.

According to the press release, over 1,000 users have accessed BPAY Group’s API sandbox, and more than 60 companies are now in production in the API Developer Portal, and through the BPAY scheme.

These companies include investment platform Netwealth, buy-now-pay-later bill platform Deferit, and pay sharing platform Groupee.

BPAY Group expanded its BPAY APIs offering and launched two new APIs in April.

They allow BPAY members to send their payment transactions and add (or update) biller details in real-time. The total number of BPAY APIs is now 6 (additional information about BPAY Group data company Sypht and its API is available in the Portal).

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