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Western Union teamed up with UK major software company

Both companies announced a five-year international partnership

Western Union

Western Union teamed up with UK major software company. Source:

Western Union Business Solutions has partnered with IRIS Software Group to offer simplified payroll and payments solutions globally.

According to the press release, over the past year, the location of employees has become less important, but the complexity of different cultures and regulatory environments continues to limit access to global talent pools.

This way, both companies aim to eliminate these barriers with payroll, finance, HR and operational teams now viewing payroll as the hidden gem to employee security and peace of mind, freeing them to focus on their own business.

Working with a trusted partner brings swathes of security for customers, as both parties understand the challenges of global payroll and payments in both mature and emerging international markets. This has been achieved by sharing visions and creating a strategy that supports each other’s business objectives and processes
David Munn, Director of International Payroll Services for IRIS Fully Managed Payroll (FMP)

IRIS FMP’s technology and experience payroll managers and accountants to calculate and process employee salaries. Meanwhile, Western Union’s platform, coupled with their expertise, provides the ability to help ensure employees are paid correctly across multiple currencies and countries.

We’ve reported that Western Union enables across-border payments on Google Pay.


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