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Best alternatives to Wirecard high risk payment processing

If you used Wirecard payment processing, here’s the list of  alternatives for you to consider

Science & Technology

7 unexpected AI use cases

Let’s take a look at the most interesting application of the AI technology


Xinja bank guide: how to get started and why

The Xinja banking app can be called anything but boring

Blockchain & Crypto

Kyber Network: how it’s different from other crypto projects

What do you know аbоut thе on-сhаin liquiditу рrоtocol? Let’s learn more with Kyber Network

Fintech & Ecommerce

Virgin Money: overview of products across three markets

Virgin Money branded organizations currently function in Australia, South Africa and the United Kingdom


Chime mobile bank review: features, capabilities, initiatives

Chime has been successfully operating in the US since 2013

Finance & Economics

AI in the banking sector: real use cases

The practical implementation of AI in banking

Finance & Economics

Nubank: a complete review of the leading Brazilian digital bank

Nubank is the Latin American fintech unicorn

Science & Technology

What is artificial intelligence and where we use it today

In this article, you’ll learn the definition for artificial intelligence (AI) and its practical use

Finance & Economics

10 leading banks in Europe

Check the list of the leading banks in Europe according to their total assets

Finance & Economics

Stones as means of payment: the story behind Island of Yap money

Find out the exciting story about Island of Yap money

Society & Lifestyle

Chilean protest: why it sparked and what it means for the economy?

Protests in Chile are causing major economic problems

Science & Technology

Breakthrough Prize: how to get $3 million

The Breakthrough Prize is a brilliant example of a global initiative that celebrates the power of the human mind

Finance & Economics

Five reasons why you might want a personal loan

What are the main reasons you might consider taking out a personal loan?


Why does a startup need a lawyer?

Lawyers of different levels can lend startups a helping hand