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Forex Phrases You Need to Know Before You Start Trading

Kendal Smith Author   Forex Trading Beginner It’s understandable when entering the forex trading world that you aren’t going to know everything straight off the bat. The forex industry is full of unusual terms, acronyms, and words that we can often be left in a little bit of a head spin. So, before you decide […]

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Innovation Accounting: A Necessary Part of Any “Lean Startup”

Daniel Martin Author   It is so exciting and fulfilling to bring a world-class innovative solution that addresses a real existing problem. A recent example is the pharmaceutical companies’ innovative drive to contain the coronavirus during the pandemic with vaccines in the shortest possible time.  BioNTech and Moderna – considered biotech startups, leveled up vaccine […]

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8 Ways to Protect Your Identity From Theft

Daniel Martin Author   Almost every American has heard tales of identity theft or fallen victim to it. Your credit card might have been used by a mysterious person overseas. Or, you might wake up to a compromised debit card, a drained bank account, or a poor credit rating that you can’t explain. Most of […]

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NFTs: A Movement for Crypto Enthusiasts or Artists? 

Pavel Matveev CEO & Co-founder of Wirex   Over the past year, crypto popularity has continued to grow steadily, but interest in NFTs has skyrocketed, with Collins dictionary naming it 2021’s word of the year. Despite their popularity, many still question what an NFT is, and this confusion has become more pronounced as NFTs have […]

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6 facts about recruiting in financial sector

Dewey Grant Author   Finance recruiting is all about finding qualified and reliable professionals with the right mindset. It indeed can be challenging to recruit for the financial sector, but if you decide to partner with specialized agencies or use professional recruiting tools, the entire process becomes simpler. Both recruitment agencies and automated tools can […]

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What are the most popular online payment methods?

Matt Smith Author   Businesses saw new heights and are constantly evolving with the advancements in payment methods. Payment methods have progressed tremendously from the days of cash or card. Merchants keep themselves and their business websites updated by adding new and reliable payment methods to make things easy and swift for customers. From customers […]

Blockchain & Crypto

Four things to consider before using a bitcoin or crypto debit card

Jean Nichols Author   Do you know why people are shifting from traditional offline business to online business with the technology change? Traditional Businesses are getting into loss, and customers are also using digital payments to do their daily transactions instead of carrying cash into their pocket? So with the changing world, everyone has to […]

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Attractive features of cryptocurrency you should know about

Jean Nichols Author   In the digital market, cryptocurrency is the most trendy concept for which even ordinary people are getting crazy. The arrival of cryptocurrency in the digital market creates an alternative to fiat money dominating the centralized market. is the platform from which you can learn more about the decentralized market. You […]

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How to Start Trading Cryptocurrencies – A Beginners Guide

Ramzan Arshad Author   Cryptocurrency is the latest investment craze to hit the market. In just a few years, this digital currency has gone from almost no one knowing about it to having more users than any other type of currency. It’s also become one of the most popular trading markets online. Whether you’re a […]

Blockchain & Crypto

How credit cards work in the bitcoin system

Jean Nichols Author   You already know that the bitcoin debit cards are booming these days because people who have crypto coins can use or spend their bitcoin or crypto coins for making any purchase because there is no issue of bitcoin or crypto acceptance. But do you know about the bitcoin credit cards? And […]

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Do bitcoin debit cards offer cashback?

Jean Nichols Author   You know that today’s world tends to be digital, and people are now more intelligent and want everything fast at a reasonable price. Now eCommerce startups are changing the world, which means you can order any product and get it within a few hours. Still, the bitcoin coin or cryptocurrency more […]


What type of taxes do people pay in the UK?

George Relish   Editorial Director at Quidable   It is a common adage that only death and taxes are two painful inevitabilities in life. Certainly, the latter seems to benefit us back under good governance. Taxes are used primarily to raise the revenue for the government’s budget. It also allows for some form of redistribution of […]

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5 ways to promote your business without breaking the bank

Ciara Walsh Author   Although many firms lack the necessary funds to create expensive marketing campaigns, promoting your company is essential for running a successful business. Without any marketing, you run the risk of not attracting enough customers, which may eventually lead to bankruptcy. So, what to do in a situation when you need to […]

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How to cut down your monthly expenses

Ciara Walsh Author   Sometimes, it is easy to lose track of all your expenses. You may spend a little bit of cash here and there and suddenly realize you managed to squander the entirety of your monthly wage. What to do in these circumstances? First of all, it is wise to examine your spending […]

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How to invest in crypto tech royalties

Lewis R. Anderton Author     Crypto Technologies are quite popular today, which is associated with the expansion of opportunities in many industries. They are involved in many processes, as well as in economic and ecological systems. Today we will talk about how to invest in licensed crypto technologies. We will analyze in detail some […]

Blockchain & Crypto

Why You Should Love Crypto Accounting

Zachary Weiner Author   Accounting and cryptocurrency often don’t seem to go hand in hand. The rules surrounding the accounting for cryptocurrencies are unclear, to say the least. Regulators have been urging a change of the GAAP to adapt to the crypto revolution, but little has been done. However, when it comes to crypto blockchain […]