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Adobe Launches Photoshop’s Web Version With AI Tools

Adobe officially launched Photoshop for the Internet for all users with paid plans last Wednesday, September 27.

Adobe Launches Photoshop’s Web Version With AI Tools

The web version of this program, which has existed in beta format for about the last two years, is now available using artificial intelligence tools based on Firefly, such as generative fill and generative expand.

The company reported that the tools on the toolbar on the Internet are based on groups formed according to the principle of functional compliance with workflows, including object selection and image reproduction. Photoshop also reflects the full names of the virtual action tools for novice users instead of the description in the tooltip.

Adobe said that consumers can work together with files without any difficulties. In this case, users are given the opportunity to share links with another person. This feature is available even for those who have not subscribed.

In May, the company announced custom tools based on Firefly, such as generative expand, which provides the ability to expand an image and fill it with content based on a hint, and generative fill, with which consumers can add objects to a digitally existing fragment of visual space or delete them, preserving the original context. In the spring, these features were only available in the beta version of Adobe Photoshop. From now on, these tools can be used in the web version of the digital graphics editor. This solution can become a kind of platform for Adobe to release updates or test features more quickly.

Functions based on the Adobe Firefly generative artificial intelligence model are intended for commercial use. In this case, it is possible to create text descriptions of visual material that consumers intend to receive in more than 100 languages.

The company said that the web version contains most of the tools from the desktop, including a contextual taskbar that offers next steps and workflow-based tools. At the same time, this version of the graphics editor still lacks a correction tool, a pen tool, support for smart objects, and a polygonal lasso. The company is currently working on implementing these features in Photoshop for the Internet.

In a comment to the media, the firm stated that it has no plans to make the web version of the graphic editor free. It is possible that the company’s plans on this issue will change over time.

The web service of the graphic editor is included in the list of all paid Photoshop plans, the cost of which starts at $9.99 per month. Last summer, the company announced its intention to offer users a free version of its product, which would provide consumers with access to the main components of the Photoshop toolkit line. At the same time, Ashley Still, Adobe’s senior vice president of digital media, announced this year that there were no plans to offer freemium. She also stated that new users have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with Photoshop on the Internet with the help of free interactive demonstrations and embedded manuals on the official website of the company before subscribing.

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