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Amazon Presents AI-Powered Image Generator

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has presented its new development based on artificial intelligence, which is capable of generating images.

Amazon Presents AI-Powered Image Generator

The specified tool, functioning using advanced technology, was named Amazon Titan. This development was presented last Wednesday, November 29. Currently, a new machine intelligence-based tool is available in preview. The relevant information is contained in a press release that was published by AWS.

The company informs that with the help of the new tool, customers will be able to create images with a high level of realism and improve existing visual materials of this category. For artificial intelligence to generate content, the user must provide him with elementary hints in natural language.

In a press release, AWS indicates that this development is likely to be in demand among representatives of spheres of advertising, media, entertainment, and e-commerce. The company notes that the tool it offers allows you to quickly create ideas and iterate large volumes of images at a minimum cost.

The developers note that Amazon Titan, which is actually an independent model of artificial intelligence, can understand complex queries and create images based on this data.

In the case of using the new AI configuration in the Amazon Bedrock console, AWS customers can generate visual material by sending a request in natural language or by uploading an existing image for subsequent editing. The company’s press release notes that users can highlight parts of digital pictures to add elements or replace existing ones. For example, consumers can insert an object into a scene or replace one background with another.

The AWS press release indicates that Amazon Titan is also intended to reduce the volume of creation and curb the large-scale distribution of content that has malicious content. This tool applies an invisible watermark to the generated images. The AWS solution guarantees an invisible way to identify content that has been created by artificial intelligence.

The press release also notes that the said brand is one of the first suppliers of machine intelligence models to launch the practice of applying invisible watermarks integrated into output images and designed in such a way as to be resistant to change.

The web hosting company GoDaddy, an AWS client, intends to test Amazon Titan and add it to the line of other generative artificial intelligence capabilities offered to entrepreneurs. Travis Muhlestein, director of data processing and analytics at GoDaddy, says that the new AI-based tool has the potential to help small businesses create professional marketing assets that strengthen brand identity and contribute to exponential business growth.

In October, Meta launched a similar development based on artificial intelligence. The tech giant has started to implement the functions of creating creatives using AI in its Ads Manager. These features allow advertisers to generate multiple backgrounds and customize creative resources according to different aspect ratios.

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