Nvidia CEO Says About Prospects of AI Competitiveness

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang last Wednesday, November 29, during a speech at the annual DealBook summit in New York, said that artificial intelligence is gaining on humans.

Nvidia CEO Says About Prospects of AI Competitiveness

Mr. Huang says that if at the moment artificial general intelligence is defined as a computer that can cope with test tasks at a level that is very competitive compared to the capabilities of the human mind, over the next five years, obviously, will appear AI models that can solve such objectives more efficiently.

Currently, Nvidia’s business is in a position that can be described as prosperous. The company has become one of the main global beneficiaries of the active growth of consumer demand for powerful graphics processors, which are used in the process of training artificial intelligence models and are necessary to perform large workloads in such spheres as automotive, electronics, engineering, architecture, electronics and scientific research. Also, these products are applied in the world’s most popular chatbot based on machine intelligence called ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI.

The revenue of this company in the third fiscal quarter showed a threefold year-on-year growth, reaching a level of $18.12 billion. The firm’s net profit for this period amounted to $9.24 billion. A year earlier, this figure was equal to $680 million.

On Wednesday, during a conversation with media representatives, Jensen Huang recalled the delivery of the world’s first supercomputer with artificial intelligence to OpenAI. According to him, Elon Musk, who is one of the co-founders of the company that created the world’s most popular chatbot, heard about this development at a conference and announced his desire to receive it. After that, Nvidia delivered an artificial intelligence supercomputer to OpenAI.

Commenting on the recent twists and turns associated with the ChatGPT developer, when the company’s CEO Sam Altman was removed from office and then reinstated to this post, Jensen Huang expressed hope that this situation would stabilize. He also noted that an excellent team is working at OpenAI. Separately, Jensen Huang stated that the said situation is an example confirming the importance of corporate governance.

The head of Nvidia believes that competition in the artificial intelligence industry will lead to the emergence of ready-made tools based on advanced technology that companies in various spheres will customize according to their needs, including, for example, chip design, software development, drug discovery, and radiology.

In response to a question about the characteristics of the success of various firms in the area of machine intelligence, Jensen Huang stated that he does not intend to evaluate his friends.

The head of Nvidia is convinced that the technology industry is still far enough away from artificial general intelligence. According to him, machine learning currently solves problems such as perception and recognition qualitatively, but so far it cannot reason within the framework of the concept of multi-stage information analysis with subsequent independent conclusions. He noted that work is underway to improve the cognitive abilities of artificial intelligence, separately specifying that the process of technology development is very fast.

Jensen Huang also stated that the pace of progress in the technology industry is high. According to him, there is no doubt about this fact.

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