Apple Reveals Plan to Democratize Repairs

Apple has announced its plans to provide tools, spare parts, and documentation necessary for the repair of the company’s devices to independent workshops and consumers in the United States.

Apple Reveals Plan to Democratize Repairs

The iPhone manufacturer made this decision after it supported the bill on the right to repair.

The tech giant faced criticism from consumer advocates who said that the devices manufactured by Tim Cook’s company are complex and expensive in terms of repair work features. Also, these complaints contain claims that Apple provides limited support to customers.

In 2019, Tim Cook’s company began distributing spare parts and operating manuals in separate independent repair shops.

Currently, the technology giant is making efforts that are consistent with the goals of the program of the President of the United States Joe Biden, aimed at stimulating the process of competition, combating excessive fees, and providing consumers with expanded control over their property. In this thematic context, the Chairman of the Federal Trade Commission, Lina Khan, says that various restrictive practices increase costs for customers of American companies, slow down the implementation of projects to introduce innovative solutions, limit the business opportunities of independent repair shops and contribute to the appearance of unnecessary electronic waste.

Apple’s support for right-to-repair legislation is in some ways a reflection of California law, according to which firms are required to provide parts, tools, and documentation to independent workshops and consumers at fair and reasonable prices.

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