Apple’s Vision Pro Headset to Go on Sale on February 2

It became known that Apple will launch sales of the Vision Pro mixed-reality headset on February 2.

Apple’s Vision Pro Headset to Go on Sale on February 2

The mentioned development is the first fundamentally new major product of the specified technology giant in the last nine years. The company hopes that the headset, which provides users with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the space of alternative reality existing in the digital dimension, will be a kind of beginning of a new era for it. The tech giant is not completing the iPhone era and does not show even indirect and distant signs of corresponding intentions, but probably already considers this device as a symbol of the previous period of its development.

On Monday, January 8, the company published a message according to which sales of the Apple Vision Pro mixed-reality headset in the United States will be launched on February 2. The cost of this device will be $3,499. The mixed-reality headset will be available for pre-order on the tech giant’s website from 5 a.m. California time on January 19th.

The company announced its new development before the CES technology conference in Las Vegas. This product combines virtual and augmented reality. The company said that using the new development will allow consumers to gain an experience referred to as spatial computing. The mixed-reality headset is designed for more immersive FaceTime chats, games, videos, and apps to boost productivity levels.

The Apple Vision Pro was first introduced to the public in June. This device belongs to a new category of hardware from the tech giant. For the company, this device is a new step in development. The tech giant made the previous similar progress in 2015 when the smartwatch debuted.

Apple CEO Tim Cook, announcing the mixed-reality headset, said that the era of spatial computing has arrived. This formulation increases the likelihood of veracity of the above-mentioned assumption that the company is considering a new development as a transition to a different era of its technological existence.

Apple Vision Pro will get its own operating system, which is named visionOS. The device will also be equipped with a three-dimensional user interface and an input system that is controlled by the user’s hands, eyes, and voice.

Tim Cook also stated that the Apple Vision Pro is the most advanced consumer electronics device ever created. This characteristic may be due to marketing considerations. Tim Cook said the new device will change the way consumers connect, create, and explore.

The mixed-reality headset will allow the tech giant to compete with Meta Platforms and other device manufacturers of the corresponding category. At the same time, the announced cost of the device developed by Tim Cook’s company significantly exceeds the prices of similar products from other firms. However, the Apple Vision Pro has higher-end features, including dual 4K displays and Mac-grade processors.

The media reported in late December that the tech giant would launch sales of a mixed-reality headset by February. Journalists claim that the company will encourage consumers to buy a new device in its retail stores. This decision is explained by the fact that a precise fitting is required for the correct functioning of a mixed-reality headset.

The tech giant also announced on Monday that prescription lens inserts will be charged $99 and $150.

This week, the company will host employees of its retail stores at headquarters to train them in the use and sale of a mixed-reality headset.

The share price of the tech giant increased by 1.5% after sales of the new device were announced.

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