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ChatGPT Plus Pauses Subscriptions

OpenAI temporarily stops the registration of new users in the ChatGPT Plus program.

ChatGPT Plus Pauses Subscriptions

This company, which created the world’s most popular chatbot based on artificial intelligence, decided to suspend subscriptions in the mentioned program due to excessive consumer demand, because of which the platform faced a load problem bordering on its potential capabilities.

The pause was announced by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman in his account registered on the social network X. A sharp increase in consumer interest in the artificial intelligence platform was recorded after new functions of digital products of the creator of the world’s most popular chatbot were announced at the DevDay developer conference organized by this company in early November.

Sam Altman stated that against the background of a significant increase in the load for OpenAI is important to make sure of the ability to provide each user with a high-quality experience of interacting with a machine intelligence system. He also noted that consumers can subscribe to notifications to promptly receive information about the resumption of registration in ChatGPT Plus.

Participants of this program have unhindered access to the chatbot even during periods of maximum load. In this case, priority access to new functions and innovative solutions is also provided. Another advantage of interacting with artificial intelligence within ChatGPT Plus is a faster response time.

During the DevDay conference, the company shared information about its new GPT-4 Turbo AI model. This configuration of artificial intelligence has advanced capabilities and has received an improved knowledge base. Sam Altman spoke about his intentions to pay developers who subscribed to the company’s program for using the GPT they created.

Commenting on this plan, the head of OpenAI stated that initially, the firm would share part of the total subscription revenue. According to him, the amount of income will depend on the number of consumers actively using digital products of developers. He also noted that this indicator will be influenced by the category of AI configuration.

Experts say that OpenAI’s decision is because the role of paid subscribers in the technology industries is becoming more and more significant. The main players in this sphere are recording double-digit growth in their subscription offers. This trend also applies to smaller firms. For example, last week it became known about an increase in the total number of paid Duolingo subscribers by 160% over the past two years.

According to experts, the growth trend in the sphere of subscriptions is the result of the expansion of the presence of connected devices in the consumer’s everyday life activity. Given the current processes in the technological area, it can be assumed that the popularity of the mentioned proposals for digital interaction will increase.

At the same time, a study conducted in the United States found that a membership subscription pays off quickly if consumers reduce their monthly bills. Among more than 2,100 respondents, only 19% said they chose to pay their membership bills in full in front of others.

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