OpenAI Needs More Funding for Artificial General Intelligence

OpenAI hopes to receive additional funding, which is necessary to implement the plans of this company to create artificial general intelligence (AGI).

OpenAI Needs More Funding for Artificial General Intelligence

The chief executive of the said firm, Sam Altman, on Monday, November 13, during a conversation with media representatives, announced his intention to receive additional money from Microsoft. The aforementioned technology giant has already promised to provide funding for $10 billion for the implementation of a project related to AGI, software whose digital thinking process is carried out within the framework of a paradigm corresponding to human logic.

Sam Altman said that his company’s partnership with Microsoft and its CEO Satya Nadella is really working well. He expects that over time, more financial resources will be received from the aforementioned technology giant and other investors to cover the costs associated with the implementation of projects to create more complex artificial intelligence models.

Answering a question about whether Microsoft will continue to provide OpenAI with large sums of money, Mr. Altman said that he hopes so. According to him, the path to the creation of AGI will be a long one. He noted that to achieve the corresponding goal, a lot of computing and huge training costs will be required.

Sam Altman said that OpenAI’s revenue growth in 2023 was good, but did not detail this result of activity, noting that the firm has not yet reached profitability due to training costs. The company’s executive director also noted that cooperation with Microsoft would ensure that both sides of the partnership would earn from each other’s success.

Last week, OpenAI unveiled a set of new tools and updates for its GPT-4, and the marketplace that showcases its best apps. This company is one of the main global beneficiaries of the process of dissemination of artificial intelligence technologies and their integration into various spheres of life.

Sam Altman said to develop his corporate business, he hired Brad Lightcap, who previously worked at Dropbox and the startup accelerator Y Combinator, as his chief operating officer. Mr. Altman is currently focused mainly on solving two tasks, including the creation of a digital superintelligence and the search for ways to increase the computing power needed for this. During a conversation with media representatives, he stated that his vision is to create an AGI to figure out how to make a new form of virtual mind safe and learn its benefits.

Sam Altman also said that OpenAI is working on creating more autonomous digital agents that can solve tasks such as executing code, performing payment transactions, filing claims, and sending emails. According to him, the value of such developments for business is very high.

Mr. Altman also stated that OpenAI is currently working on the creation of GPT-5, the next generation of its artificial intelligence model. He did not say when this product will be presented. At the same time, Sam Altman noted that it is currently difficult to predict what new capabilities and skills the next generation of machine intelligence model will have.

This year, OpenAI called on other companies to provide large-scale datasets that are not yet available to the general public online, including for generating text materials or digital conversations.

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