Google Sues Scammers

Google is suing five scammers, about whom there is no information, but their illegal acts are known.

Google Sues Scammers

The specified technology giant initiates a trial on the fact of cases when users who searched in the virtual reality space for a chatbot of this company based on artificial intelligence called Bard, being deceived by criminals, downloaded fake versions of a digital product containing malicious software to their computers.

Google filed a lawsuit in the Northern District of California. The tech giant claims that in the summer, unknown scammers created accounts on social media platforms encouraging users to download the said chatbot. In this case, the injured encountered a fake version of a digital product with a file installing malicious software on their devices. Fraudsters thus gained access to the accounts of their victims on social networks.

The media note that Google’s lawsuit launched the first trial of its kind initiated by a major technology company. Experts say that this case is also notable because it is an example of how the active spread of artificial intelligence technologies and the hype around innovative digital products create new legal problems.

Google’s general counsel Halimah DeLaine Prado, in a message published on the company’s blog on Monday, November 13, said that the growth of public interest in new generative machine intelligence tools is increasingly being used by scammers to their advantage. In this case, the criminal intent is realized by performing certain actions against users who do not expect a trick.

The tech giant currently does not own any information about the identities of the scammers who manage accounts Google AI, AIGoogle, AIGoogle, and AIGoogle, AIGoogle.Plus, AIGoogle Bard FB and AIGoogleBard, are registered on Facebook. In the sphere of cybersecurity, suing unidentified persons is standard practice. In this case, the plaintiffs undertake to amend the complaint after adding the names of the defendants after they are identified.

The tech giant’s lawsuit contains claims about trademark infringement since the scammers used the Google logo. Also in this case, the company accuses unidentified persons of violating the contract.

The tech giant on Monday filed another lawsuit against fraudsters who created dozens of Google accounts and used them to file thousands of false copyright claims against their competitors. The company claims that two criminals are involved in at least 65 similar accounts that were used to send false notices of copyright infringement to more than 117,000 websites.

Halimah DeLaine Prado stated that Google’s lawsuits are part of an effort to create the necessary legal precedents in developing areas of innovation. She also noted that clear rules for combating fraud, scams, and harassment are important regardless of how novel the settings are for committing such actions. Separately, Halimah DeLaine Prado noted that in a broader sense, Google hopes through its efforts to protect and preserve the unprecedented culture of innovation in the United States. In her opinion, such legal actions contribute to the fact that criminals using advanced technologies for their purposes find themselves in the spotlight of justice.

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