Comerica Bank Unveils New Business Banking Solutions

Comerica Bank, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, announced the launch of a new set of solutions for small business and business banking clients.

Comerica Bank Unveils New Business Banking Solutions

The new package of solutions for the financial institution was named Comerica Maximize. According to the information contained in the lender’s press release published last Thursday, August 17, this set of offers is a kind of combination of an interest-bearing checking account and money management options. In this case, clients have the opportunity to receive interest income while ensuring a high level of business protection and at the same time maintaining the ability to develop their activities with the help of treasury services.

Jim Weber, Director of Customer Relations at Comerica Bank, said in a press release that Comerica Maximize is the newest solution in the set of additional offers of a financial institution, which is gradually expanding. According to him, these proposals will help representatives of small businesses and business banking to reduce the time spent on standard operating procedures and maximize the amount of money.

Jim Weber also noted in a press release that in 2022, the financial institution launched several programs focused on interaction with small businesses, including Comerica SmallBizCo-op, Comerica CoWorkSpaces, and SizeUp by Comerica. All these sets of solutions are designed to support commercial activity and create opportunities for its growth.

Comerica Maximize, as indicated in the press release, will allow consumers to save time and optimize the financial resource at their disposal. In this case, customers get the opportunity to make more deposits and receive more income. Consumers who own a Comerica Maximize checking account receive a credit supplement to their income to compensate for monthly payments.

The Comerica Maximize cash management package provides clients with the ability to manage the treasury. This set of solutions helps consumers optimize liquidity by applying treasury management proposals that provide remote access to reports, and deposit checks, and also provide protection from attacks by fraudsters. This package guarantees the control of payments, debt, credit cards, and many others.

Allysun Fleming, executive vice president of payments at Comerica Bank, said in a press release that customers can compensate for fees and make a profit from excess balances that will be competitive.

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