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Meta Reportedly to Launch Web Version of Threads

The media reports that Meta is currently working on creating a web version of Threads, a virtual platform competing with Twitter.

Meta Reportedly to Launch Web Version of Threads

The tech giant’s new social network was launched in July. This application appeared on the market accompanied by a significant marketing campaign and even more significant statements about the prospects of a new digital product in the global information space. The first days of the social network were successful, as evidenced by the intensive increase in the user base in a short time. In five days, this digital product was downloaded by 100 million unique consumers. But the success was short-lived. The technology giant, after celebrating the large number of users of the new application, faced the problem of a sharp decline in consumer activity.

It can be assumed that the appearance of the web version of Threads is an attempt to improve the situation, which initially seemed to be an unambiguous success, and then changed the vector of impressive achievements to a downward movement. The head of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, perceived the negative trend as something like a natural process, saying that the application will be able to maintain an acceptable level of user activity as a result of the expansion of functionality that has already begun. The development of the web version can be interpreted as an intensification of attempts to correct the situation, which is more complicated than Mr. Zuckerberg claims. But this is just a guess.

By mid-August, Similarweb, according to media reports, found that the number of daily active Threads users on Android mobile devices had decreased from 49 million to 11 million. It is difficult to designate this situation as a regular situation.

Amias Gerety, a partner at QED Investors, said last month during a conversation with the media that Threads can offer users what he described as the effect of reducing clutter resulting from the social network rethinking its algorithmic history. According to him, on the new platform, everyone who is involved in the so-called content game can get more favorable positions compared to the position on Twitter. This is partly due to the novelty of the virtual platform, which to a certain extent constrains activity due to the fact that it takes time to understand the algorithms.

Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, announced last week that the web version of Threads will be launched soon. According to him, the new version of the application will be presented after internal testing. The media, citing insiders, report that the web version of Threads may be launched as early as this week.

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