Threads Rolls Out Updates

Threads, a virtual social interaction platform, has released its first major update.

Threads Rolls Out Updates

This application was launched by Meta in early July. During the first five days after the start of the operation of this virtual platform, the number of its users reached an impressive 100 million people. This result is a success and an outstanding achievement. But a successful start does not mean anything against the background of a failure on the way. In the case of the new application, it turned out that the first days of its existence gave rise to a stormy celebration of success, but the subsequent period turned out to be very gloomy and, in a certain sense, disappointing. In less than a month, the virtual platform has lost more than half of its users.

For Meta, the current situation has become a kind of immersive parable that success should be talked about only when the result is stable and long-term, and momentary bursts of growth in a global context mean nothing. To correct the current state of affairs, which can be compared to the bleeding that has opened, weakening the body and bringing it to the brink of life and death, the technology giant decided to release a major update Threads. This statement about the motives of the company is an assumption, but it should be clarified that not everyone is ready to admit to such reasons for actions, and besides, the rapid decrease in the user base is more than an obvious incentive to take measures to stop or minimize the negative trend.

According to media reports, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg does not perceive a decrease in the level of consumer engagement as a critical or catastrophic situation. Insiders claim that, in his opinion, the reduction of the user base is normal. He is also convinced that the application will be able to maintain an acceptable level of activity on the platform by expanding the functionality.

The new features include a text translation button, a tab containing all the relevant data about the people who subscribed to the user, and much more.

Chris Cox, director of products at Meta, says that the expansion of functionality is a kind of creation of factors that encourage users to return to the application. Indirectly, this statement confirms the assumption that the addition of new functions is a response to a negative trend and a certain extent refutes insider statements about the absolute calm of Mark Zuckerberg, allegedly assessing the current situation as a regular one.

Chris Cox stated that subsequent forms of updating the virtual platform will include a desktop version and further expansion of the functionality space.

The process of technical modernization of the application was overshadowed by user complaints about bots and spam. Mark Zuckerberg, in response to these claims, said that by the end of this year, the main focus will be on improving the fundamentals and retaining consumers. He noted that it takes time to stabilize. This statement contains a fair statement. A digital product in the conditions of mass use can demonstrate a failure that is extremely difficult to detect in the pilot mode format. In many cases, it takes time to configure the application to its ideal state.

X, a social media platform that had the name Twitter before the rebranding and is the main competitor of the new Meta brainchild, is currently actively looking for advertisers. This platform is ready to offer a 50% discount on new video advertising orders. The company also informs that brand accounts that do not meet the required spending threshold will no longer be checked.

X has limited the number of posts that users can read this year. Expectedly this decision caused a decrease in engagement in advertising. Then the company relaxed the restrictions.

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