Meta to Launch Bonus Program for Creators on Threads

A time-limited bonus program will be launched on the Threads social network, which is part of the ownership structure of the Meta technology giant.

Meta to Launch Bonus Program for Creators on Threads

Currently, the monthly number of visitors to the mentioned virtual platform is more than 150 million people. It is worth noting that this social network is on a growth trajectory and continues to demonstrate a positive dynamic. To increase the level of user engagement in Threads, Meta will launch a bonus program for creators.

Over the past few days, information about the specified program has been disseminated in the form of a kind of insider, but over time it was confirmed at the official level. Meta in a media comment announced the launch of bonuses for invited authors. Testing of the corresponding program began in March.

Meta noted that the invited authors will have individual bonus requirements. Currently, the program is only available to creators from the United States. The technology giant said that if successful, bonuses will become available in other regions.

Information was published on the Meta support page, according to which invited creators must make a public profile in Threads and comply with the rules for Instagram creator incentive terms and the rules for receiving bonuses on this virtual platform. The technology giant noted that the number of posts (views) in Threads and the number of publications are among the parameters based on which the decision on granting bonuses will be made.

There is also a rule according to which the publication must receive at least 2500 views. Moreover, the program does not apply to posts with copyrighted materials, without text, and with a boosted number of views. Besides, Meta noted that to receive bonuses, the content should not have watermarks of other virtual platforms, such as TikTok or YouTube. Another requirement stipulates that the program does not apply to posts about partnerships with the brand.

Creators will be able to check their earnings on a professional dashboard. To receive a payout, they may need to collect the minimum required amount of bonuses. The company emphasized that there would be no payments without fulfilling this condition. The technology giant also stated that in the future, creators who failed to meet the mentioned conditions may be invited to participate in other bonus initiatives.

The announced program is expected to be an incentive for Instagram users to post more messages on Threads. It is worth noting that the interaction of these two virtual platforms is already underway. Instagram advertises some Threads accounts in its app.

The bonus program is also a good opportunity for creators who may want to gain an audience on a new virtual platform. It is worth noting that the financial advantage of participating in this program may be temporary since Meta has not yet announced long-term plans regarding payments for creators in Threads. It is possible that over time, the technology giant will announce long-term intentions, but as of the current moment, this is only an assumption about the potential probability.

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