Netflix Launches New Tool

A new tool has appeared on the online platform of the streaming service Netflix, which is designed to search for content.

Netflix Launches New Tool

A special tab has been built into the new My Netflix tool, which displays labels of those media materials with which the user interacted. In this case, the expansion of functionality means for subscribers there is no need to search for movies, TV shows, and other content for a long time that corresponds to their intellectual interests and aesthetic preferences. The streaming platform has improved the algorithm of customer interaction with the media space. The relevant information is contained in the company’s press release, which was published last Monday, July 24.

The new tool combines in one tab shows and movies that the user downloaded, liked, saved to a personal virtual list, watched the trailer, set a reminder, and started watching, but did not finish watching. This data is contained in the press release.

While on the road with his smartphone, the user can go to a personal page on Netflix, and in the shortest possible time select those media materials that were previously saved or downloaded for later viewing. In this case, the client still has the opportunity to visit the home tab and other sections of the application to get acquainted with the catalogs of films and TV series.

The press release also states that the quality of functioning of the content recommendation algorithm depends on the level of user activity on the streaming platform. The more often a subscriber watches movies, TV series, and various shows, the better the online service understands his preferences.

The new tool was launched on iOS on July 24. The streaming service announced that for users who own devices operating on the Android operating system, the tool will be available in early August.

My Netflix is the latest innovation in a series of additions and changes to the virtual content provider platform.

Last week, the media reported that the streaming service decided to abandon its cheapest tariff plan, which provides for the absence of advertising. The cost of monthly use of this package of services, which is no longer available to new subscribers in the US and UK, but is still relevant for existing subscribers, is $9.99.

In June, it became known about the launch of Netflix Bites, a pop-up eatery in Los Angeles. As part of this solution, the user receives offers of various dishes from famous chefs who have been shown in TV series available for viewing on the streaming platform.

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