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Apple Opens Applications for Vision Pro Developer Kit

Apple has decided to open applications for the Vision Pro developer kit.

Apple Opens Applications for Vision Pro Developer Kit

This solution of the technology giant provides developers with the opportunity to create and fine-tune an application, the official launch of which is scheduled for next year.

An Apple-owned development device worth $3,499 will be loaned to successful applicants. Also, in this case, the condition of mandatory return of the device after its launch is provided. Certain developers will be able to view the code and comment on the main stages of product creation. The technology giant ensures the implementation and support of the code on an ongoing basis.

Apple has provided the ability to transfer applications between platforms. The technology giant will give preference to those companies that use the functionality of an augmented reality headset. Also in this case, developers have the opportunity to visit laboratories in such cities as London, Tokyo, and Shanghai in a virtual format. This access will provide creators of digital products and solutions with a kind of tool for immersion into the environment of an alternative space of existence deployed in the digital dimension.

Vision Pro is the first spatial computer of the technology giant, with which users can create objects in the plane of a virtual being, and then integrate them into the HD screens of the headset.

Applicants for access to an augmented reality application must indicate their skills in the field of digital development and report on existing applications that are the result of their activities. They should also tell in detail about the future intentions and what tools of the technology giant will be used in the framework of the relevant projects.

Candidates who successfully pass the approval procedure will have to sign a non-disclosure agreement. This measure is necessary for the technology giant as a way to prevent the risk of public discussion of hardware.

The company also makes it easier to connect iOS and iPadOS apps to the Vision Pro headset. Applications that are in the process of active operation will be transferred automatically. In this case, no actions on the part of the developers are provided.

The presentation of the Apple Vision Pro, which, according to the company’s CEO Tim Cook, is the first device that is not looked at, but through which one looks, is the beginning of the tech giant’s presence in the mixed reality space.

After the appearance of Vision Pro on the market, it will be accompanied by 100 games and a Disney + offer that can be used together with the headset.

In July, it became known that Apple has reduced the production of the headset. In this case, the complexity of the product provoked production problems.

Apple plans to produce less than 400 thousand headsets in 2024. This is a significant departure from the original ambitions, which envisioned a goal of 1 million units of production.

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