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NVIDIA and VMware to Accelerate Generative AI Adoption

VMware and NVIDIA announced the expansion of the scope of strategic cooperation in order to provide businesses with assistance in implementing generative artificial intelligence in the process of their activities.

NVIDIA and VMware to Accelerate Generative AI Adoption

As part of scaling up the interaction of companies, the VMware Private AI Foundation platform will be launched, through which consumers will be able to configure machine intelligence configurations and run applications based on generative AI, including virtual assistants, chatbots, and search and generalization tools. Information about the new platform is contained in a joint press release of the firms, which was published last Tuesday, August 22.

VMware Private AI Foundation combines software for creating artificial intelligence and accelerated computing. The new platform will allow businesses to solve privacy issues, as well as provide an opportunity to improve security systems and modernize data monitoring. At the same time, consumers will be able to run generating workloads using machine intelligence that is associated with corporate arrays of information.

Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA, says that companies in various industries, including financial services, the healthcare sector, and the manufacturing business, are currently interested in accessing opportunities to integrate AI into their activities. According to him, scaling up the partnership with VMware will provide customers with the necessary software and computing capabilities to use the potential of generative artificial intelligence in full applying of user applications created on the basis of corporate data.

In a joint press release of the companies, it is noted that in the field of business, there is now a clear desire to simplify the development, testing, and deployment of applications with generative AI.

VMware Private AI Foundation aims to enable businesses to harness the potential of machine intelligence by configuring large language models, creating more secure and largely corporate digital consciousness configurations, and safely scaling output workloads.

Cooperation between VMware and NVIDIA has a ten-year history. The companies said that the new platform will be launched early next year, without specifying an exact date.

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