OpenAI Buys Enterprise Startup

OpenAI has bought Rockset, a startup that specializes in enterprise search and analytics.

OpenAI Buys Enterprise Startup

The mentioned deal is the most significant acquisition for the ChatGPT developer to date. On Friday, June 21, OpenAI announced plans related to the integration of Rockset technology. It is expected that as a result of this solution, business customers and developers will be able to use their data more effectively on the platform, which is part of the ChatGPT developer’s digital ecosystem.

There is currently no information about the terms of the deal. At the same time, it is known that some representatives of the Rockset’s team will join OpenAI.

It is worth noting that currently there is increased competition in the space of the artificial intelligence industry. The corresponding process is on a trajectory of rapid growth. This state of affairs is logical and natural since the AI area is promising and is at the center of global attention since advanced technology has the potential to transform many spheres of activity.

OpenAI is currently competing with companies such for example, Anthropic and Google. Players in the artificial intelligence industry are currently striving to develop the most effective AI models and elaborate services based on advanced technology that will meet the needs of users as much as possible.

Rockset was founded by former Facebook employees. This startup offers consumers access to technologies for retrieving, indexing, and making data searchable for business clients in various spheres of activity, including, among others, the gaming industry and fintech.

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