OpenAI Launches ChatGPT for Businesses

OpenAI announced the launch of the corporate version of ChatGPT, within which additional functions and privacy guarantees are available to users.

OpenAI Launches ChatGPT for Businesses

The release of a new chatbot configuration based on artificial intelligence, according to experts, is the most significant effort of a startup in the entire history of its existence to gain a wide range of customers among business representatives. Also, this version of the company’s digital product can become a catalyst for OpenAI’s revenue growth.

Users can enter an invitation and receive a written response from ChatGPT Enterprise. In this case, the same mechanism of operation is used as in the consumer versions of the chatbot.

The corporate version of ChatGPT provides unlimited use of the most powerful configuration of the AI model from OpenAI, data encryption, and a guarantee that the startup will not use the personal information of consumers to develop its technology. Also, the new configuration of the chatbot provides users with the ability to enter longer queries.

ChatGPT Enterprise is a new stage in the development of a startup’s plan to profit from the promotion of its digital product. This chatbot currently enjoys a high level of popularity, but its operation is a very expensive process. Prior to the release of the new version of ChatGPT, the startup had already taken measures to monetize this digital product, including a premium subscription and paid access to the application programming interface for companies, which is used by developers to add the bot to other applications.

Brad Lightcap, chief operating officer of OpenAI, did not provide any comments when asked by the media about the cost of the new configuration of the chatbot. According to him, the firm can work with everyone to develop the best consumer plan. He also said that the company was trying to create a better chatbot configuration and, as part of the relevant activities, pursued the goal of increasing the level of product performance.

Brad Lightcap stated that OpenAI collaborated with more than 20 firms that had extensive experience with machine intelligence to test ChatGPT Enterprise. The first users of the new version of the digital product use it for coding, assistance in solving creative tasks, and answers to business questions.

OpenAI data states that ChatGPT is used by more than 80% of companies from the Fortune 500 list. At the same time, many firms avoid using a chatbot and other artificial intelligence-based tools due to concerns related to security and data privacy issues.

In an effort to dispel doubts about the safe use of the bot, OpenAI stated that there were no intentions to train its AI models with the help of tips and data from companies that are consumers of ChatGPT Enterprise. Currently, the startup trains its artificial intelligence configurations based on written invitations that users send to a chatbot online or through their mobile applications. The company does not train its AI using data sent through its API.

Some firms have certain concerns about the tendency of large language models, the technology that is the basis for ChatGPT, to complicate. Brad Lightcap states that GPT-4 is less prone to falsification compared to the previous version of the chatbot.

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