OpenAI Previews New Audio Tool

OpenAI has released information about the early test results of its new artificial intelligence feature, which can read text materials aloud in the most realistic human voice.

OpenAI Previews New Audio Tool

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The new OpenAI feature is called the Voice Engine. The company is positioning the specified product as a text-to-speech model. The feature has already been tested by about 10 developers. So far, the company has decided to abandon the large-scale distribution of the Voice Engine.

A spokesperson for OpenAI said that the firm began scaling back the release of a new product after receiving feedback from stakeholders, including creatives, policymakers, educators, and industry experts.

On Friday, March 29, a message was published in the company’s blog, which notes that realistic imitation of a human voice by artificial intelligence is associated with serious risks, which are especially relevant in the year of the presidential election in the United States.

The Voice Engine can generate the speech of individual people with their specific intonation. The AI needs a 15-second audio recording of talking persons to reproduce their voices.

The custom speech model can also translate the audio it generates into different languages.

Jeff Harris, a product lead at OpenAI, said that the preliminary results of testing the Voice Engine testified to impressive technical quality. At the same time, he noted that the ability to accurately imitate human speech creates great difficulties from a security point of view.

OpenAI said it is soliciting feedback from outside experts before deciding on the wider distribution of the Voice Engine. In this context, the company noted that it is important that people understand in which direction this technology is headed.

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