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US Reportedly to Unveil List of Chinese Chip Factories Barred From Receiving Tech

The media reports that the United States is currently drawing up a list of advanced chip manufacturing plants in China to subsequently ban the receipt of key tools by these factories.

US Reportedly to Unveil List of Chinese Chip Factories Barred from Receiving Tech

Journalists published the mentioned information, referring to insiders who are aware of Washington’s plans, about which there is no official data yet. In this case, the goal of the United States is to create a mechanism to prevent Chinese manufacturers from accessing new-generation technologies.

Insiders claim that the list of chip production plants subject to restrictions from Washington may be published within the next two months.

In 2022, the United States Department of Commerce banned American companies from supplying equipment to Chinese factories specializing in the manufacturing of advanced microcircuits. Currently, Washington is officially declaring its goal to contain Beijing’s technological potential. The leadership of the United States argues that appropriate measures are necessary from the point of view of national security interests.

At the same time, American companies have repeatedly stated that it is extremely difficult to pinpoint which Chinese factories produce advanced chips, and not microcircuits, which belong to the outdated category. These firms are calling for the forming of a list of plants that are subject to restrictions on the supply of equipment.

In this case, Washington will not introduce new export control measures. The mentioned list of factories is necessary to clarify the already existing supply restrictions.

The United States Department of Commerce did not respond to a media request for comment on insider information.

A representative of the Chinese Embassy in the United States said that Washington should stop overstretching the concept of national security and using power to suppress companies from the Asian country.

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