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Finance & Economics

Country with highest number of online shoppers revealed

Scandinavian countries showed the highest proportion of online shoppers

Finance & Economics

UK retailer launches Volunteer Shopping Cards 

Volunteer Shopping Cards can be purchased online on the retailer’s website

Blockchain & Crypto

How can blockchain tech improve forex markets?

The technology should bring about clear improvements


How to decide which cryptocurrency to invest in

Beatrix Potter Cryptocurrency writer   In recent years, digital currencies have become very popular, largely thanks to bitcoin and the amount of money people made investing in it! However, now there are several different cryptocurrencies to choose from, and it’s worth considering the following factors before you do. You’ve already made the right decision, in […]

Science & Technology

How pandemic affected Netflix’s market cap – research

Netflix is ranked second in GlobalData’s music, film, and TV thematic rankings

Fintech & Ecommerce

UnionPay launches digital payment ecosystem

The Platform provides a secure cashless payment solution for 62 digital wallets across 13 countries and territories

Science & Technology

How UK uses digital technologies to fight COVID-19

The NHS is leveraging digital technologies, they include data sharing, a new digital platform, and virtual smartcards

Finance & Economics

Danish consumers increasingly use parcel lockers during lockdown

The COVID-19 outbreak has led to an increase in online shopping worldwide

Science & Technology

Juniper Research reveals which category of devices will see a boost

Companies face a bigger set of competitors when their product has got something to offer

Science & Technology

Microsoft is rebranding Office 365 for monetization

Office 365 had been Microsoft’s subscription-based offering for enterprises and consumers

Science & Technology

Cyberattacks on healthcare sector increased amid the pandemic

The healthcare sector’s reliance on the internet is the main reason it became the subject of cyberattacks

Fintech & Ecommerce

Google is ready to launch its smart debit card

 The card will be co-issued wit CITI Bank and Stanford Federal Credit Union

Finance & Economics

Dropshipping: how to start your own business

Compared to traditional businesses, the dropshipping model is very economical

Society & Lifestyle

Global Data released forecast for New Zealand payment market

The payments sector is expected to recover gradually by the end of Q2 2020

Fintech & Ecommerce

Visa makes trial offers more transparent 

The new policy is based on existing consumer protections Visa has had implemented in 2011

Science & Technology

Money in Excel: new Microsoft feature explained

Money in Excel will become an integral part of the Microsoft 365 Family