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UK consumers switched to digital payments amid coronavirus

The general growth of payment transactions in the UK has been revised down amid the coronavirus outbreak

Society & Lifestyle

Coronacrisis made 75% of Chinese consider boosting their savings 

Coronavirus pandemic significantly impacts on the way people plan their finances

Fintech & Ecommerce

E-payments in Singapore to increase amid coronavirus outbreak

In September 2019, Singapore deployed more than 32,000 QR-codes across different merchant categories

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New application brings optician tests online 

COVID-19 made it impossible in many European countries to visit an optician

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Majority of UK companies to run out of cash in less than 3 months

The COVID-19’s impact will still be observed for several months


Split the bill like a pro: top 10 apps enabling bill splitting

Thankfully, there are a lot of apps that can help to split the bill

Science & Technology

Public transportation faces digital disruption, fueled by COVID-19

MaaS platform integrates transport services into a single app

Science & Technology

71% of small businesses worry they never recover from coronacrisis

More than 1,200 small business owners took part in the survey

Finance & Economics

Sweden partners ECB to streamline instant payments in the country

On average, there are 1.5 million instant payments per day number in Sweden

Science & Technology

Financial companies increasingly invest in digital banking

The report highlights priorities consumers and bank leaders have towards digital banking tools

Fintech & Ecommerce

7 major payment trends in India: research

The research is based on digital payment trends analysis across multiple merchants and banks

Science & Technology

Over 15,000 Zoom video calls exposed on the Internet

Those video records included school online classes, personal therapy sessions, business meetings, etc

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How Switzerland treats coronavirus

Anastasiia Bilous CSO at New Media Services Partner of Startup Networks Switzerland More and more people are contracting the new coronavirus in Switzerland. If that is to change, we must all act responsibly and stay at home. Only then will we be able to limit the number of people who become seriously ill and prevent […]

Fintech & Ecommerce

COVID-19 outbreak pushes China towards cashless economy 

The online payment growth is likely to shift consumer behavior so that even when cash payments are safe again they will keep on facing a gradual decline in value and volume

Finance & Economics

N26 launches digital cards

The bank accelerated the development of the new feature to help N26 customers amid the COVID-19 crisis

Science & Technology offers free access to its fintech software amid coronavirus

The company announced 1-year payment deferral for fintech software to fight the economic impact of the coronavirus