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Fintech & Ecommerce

4 out of 5 consumers worldwide would use biometric payment card

The survey shows that many consumers are willing to use biometrics technology for payments


Developing an enterprise app: 5 reasons to do it

Dmitry Reshetchenko Author   Developing an enterprise app is an important project that must be carefully planned, taking into account the characteristics of the company and the objectives to be achieved. Therefore, it is essential to establish a coherent and rational strategy that considers the app’s function must-have in the business strategy. At the same time, the sector in which […]


Cryptocurrency splashing across all industries?

The growth of cryptocurrency across all industries and recent updates on crypto use cases


Pay N Play: the beauty of modern payment services

Is Pay N Play casino safe? Learn the beauty of this modern payment service

Finance & Economics

7 things you need to know about expanded federal child tax credit

There are a few things you should know about that

Science & Technology

Discord acquires company to curb online harassment

Sentropy will close down its independent tools and join Discord

Science & Technology

You can now limit who can reply to your old tweets

To access this feature, however, users must have the latest app version

Finance & Economics

ING transfers its Retail Banking operations in Austria to bank99

The agreement is subject to approval by relevant regulators

Society & Lifestyle

A complete guide to Facebook Marketplace

Find out more about Facebook Marketplace and how to use it effectively


Professions of tomorrow. What students will learn in a couple of years

Paul Calderon Author   According to the research conducted by the Brookings Institute, nearly 25% of jobs are going to be automated in the US in the near future. Scientists state that repetitive and boring jobs are especially at ‘high-risk’ of automation since most of their tasks could be done by machines. The constant innovation […]

Fintech & Ecommerce

Mastercard enters into partnership to bring 5G to payments industry

Together, Mastercard and Verizon plan to explore 5G and Mobile Edge Computing technology and use cases


Stablecoin vs fiat currencies

We’ll discuss all of these topics in today’s article

Finance & Economics

Social commerce surpasses $30B in the US

However, China’s social commerce market is still ahead and is about 10 times higher compared to the US


The UAE Central bank is looking to launch virtual currency

This is part of the bank’s 2023-2026 action plan

Finance & Economics

Crypto crashes on the weekends – What does it happen?

Crypto trading is a decentralized market, which gives traders the ability to buy and sell cryptocurrencies any time of the week. The market stays open outside of the workweek, which allows after-hours price swings in the market. Although the market is open 24 hours, it does not see the same activity and trading volume every […]

Finance & Economics

E-commerce sector is thriving in India: report

This has been accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic as consumers preferred online shopping platforms