Publishers Discuss Licensing Content With OpenAI

It is reported that several publishers of news media met with representatives of OpenAI to discuss licensing their content for the subsequent use of these materials in the training of artificial intelligence models.

Publishers Discuss With OpenAI Licensing Content

Preliminary data released on Friday, December 29, states that the mentioned meeting was attended by the owners of the Wall Street Journal News Corp., IAC Dotdash Meredith, USA Today Gannett, and the industry trade association News/Media Alliance. It is worth noting that this information has not yet been officially confirmed. The data about the meeting was made public by the media, whose owners did not discuss content licensing issues with OpenAI representatives.

According to preliminary information, Microsoft, the main investor of the specified company, was also involved in considering the problems of labeling materials created by the media when training artificial intelligence models.

This news came two days after it became known that the New York Times sued the mentioned tech giant and OpenAI, accusing these firms of copyright infringement. The newspaper said that the companies’ artificial intelligence tools use its huge investments in journalism for free.

The specified publisher also accused OpenAI of turning into a multibillion-dollar commercial business built largely on the unlicensed application of copyrighted works. The corresponding statement is contained in the complaint of the New York Times.

This week, an OpenAI spokesperson, during a conversation with media representatives, said that the company respects the rights of creators and content owners, seeking to cooperate with them to ensure that they benefit from artificial intelligence technology and new revenue channels.

Microsoft did not respond to a request from journalists about the claims from the publishers.

In the first half of December, the owner of Politico, Axel Springer, announced the beginning of a partnership with OpenAI. The publisher has decided to allow the use of its companies’ content in the training of artificial intelligence models. OpenAI stated that this initiative will improve the user experience with the chatbot ChatGPT. Representatives of the company noted that this goal will be achieved by adding recent and authoritative content on a wide range of topics.

Mathias Döpfner, CEO of Axel Springer, said he was pleased to have formed a global partnership with OpenAI, which is the first of its kind such cooperation. Mr. Depfner noted the desire to explore the possibilities of journalism, which is based on artificial intelligence. In his opinion, using AI can affect such criteria for evaluating this activity as quality and social significance. He also believes that artificial intelligence can change the business model of journalism.

Brad Lightcap, COO of OpenAI, said that the partnership with Axel Springer will help provide users with new ways to access high-quality news content in real-time applying machine intelligence tools.

As a result of the collaboration, ChatGPT users around the world will receive summaries of selected global news content from Axel Springer media brands, including Politico, Business Insider, and European properties Bild and Welt.

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