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Snapchat Reportedly Reaps Benefits From Creator Revenue-Sharing Program

Snapchat’s plan to distribute the income received as a result of the placement of advertising materials or the results of other activities to promote brand products, with content creators is likely to be effective and will bring significant benefits to the social network.

Snapchat Reportedly Reaps Benefits From Creator Revenue-Sharing Program

This assumption is confirmed by a specific fact, which was reported by the media last weekend. In the first quarter of 2023, the time that users of the virtual platform spent watching stories from content creators as part of the revenue-sharing program more than doubled. This suggests that the company’s plan to provide a part of the profit received as a result of advertising distribution with those who provide the media saturation of the social network is likely to be effective.

The income distribution program called Snap Star was launched in April this year. Currently, several thousand content creators are participating in this program.

Adam Waheed, a content creator who has 12 million subscribers on YouTube and who joined Snap Star, during a conversation with media representatives said that under the income distribution program, he manages to earn six-figure sums monthly. He is a user of the social network for a long period of time.

At a certain point, Adam Waheed significantly reduced the volume of his interaction with this virtual platform, but after the launch of Snap Star, he increased activity in the application. His approach is that it is not worth wasting time on a social network that does not benefit. He did not specify his statement, but it can be assumed that in this case the concept of benefit is determined by the financial result.

Less than a week ago, Snapchat reported that the number of subscribers Snapchat+ has exceeded 4 million people. The policy of this social network in terms of interaction with users has a characteristic feature, which is the primary focus on representatives of Generation Z and younger. This concept makes sense because the younger audience is more likely to subscribe than users of older age groups.

Also, in the case of this social network, the subscription provides exclusive access. In practice, this means that users can see who reviewed their stories and have the chance to have replies to public figures’ content in priority order.

Snapchat’s young audience spends a significant part of their social life in the virtual space. Against this background, the extended functionality of the application available to users who have subscribed is a very important advantage.

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