Twitter to Make TweetDeck Available Only to Verified Users

Twitter announced that access to TweetDeck will soon be provided only to verified users.

Twitter to Make TweetDeck Available Only to Verified Users

Over the past few days, messages have appeared in the public media space about the absence of access to parts of a cross-platform application. Last Monday, July 3, Twitter provided users with a new version of TweetDeck. The company also announced not the most pleasant news that after the update, the application will be available only to those who have passed the verification procedure. At the same time, there is a 30-day period during which the use of TweetDeck will not be limited depending on the user’s status.

The innovation of the social network regarding the cross-platform application means that this platform will be available only to Twitter Blue subscribers, verified organizations, and some people who have been verified on Twitter.

All saved search queries and workflows from the old TweetDeck will be migrated to the new version. Twitter also announced that those who will use the new variation of the application will be able to import their columns.

The social network also implements the full functionality of composer, spaces, video docking, and surveys on TweetDeck. At the same time, the company reported a temporary lack of access to the Teams functionality.

During the 30-day transition period, users will be given access to a trial version of the new TweetDeck configuration. After that, they will have to subscribe to Twitter Blue if they want to continue their actions in a cross-platform application. At the same time, there are no clarifications about what exactly is meant by the definition of the trial version in this case. Perhaps this means the possibility of using the application within a limited functional space, which is standard practice for demo versions of digital products. Paid access is part of the company’s efforts to offset reduced advertising revenue.

Over the past few days, many TweetDeck features have been unavailable to users. This happened after Elon Musk decided to limit the number of publications that visitors to the virtual platform can read. This limit was 1,000 tweets per day for unregistered users and 10,000 publications for those who passed the verification procedure. This decision was taken as a measure to counter scraping, a technology for obtaining data from an Internet resource.

During the downtime, users noticed that TweetDeck is used by many social media managers and brands. Experts believe that the transition of the application to the category of paid digital products may become an incentive for many to search for alternative online platforms with better functionality.

The new version of TweetDeck has been tested for several years. The new management of the company has completed this process and launched a modernized digital product into the mass-use space.

In the TweetDeck community on Twitter, an employee of the company said that as part of efforts to combat scraping, it was decided to remove outdated APIs. According to him, this affected the application, but he did not explain how exactly.

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