US Reportedly Urges South Korea to Tough Export Controls on Chinese Chips

The media reported that the United States appealed to South Korea to decide on restrictions on the export of semiconductor technologies to China.

US Reportedly Urges South Korea to Tough Export Controls on Chinese Chips

In this case, Seoul is invited to join the strict regime for the supply of advanced products to Beijing, which Washington has already introduced. The mentioned urge is evidence that the administration of the President of the United States Joe Biden is resolutely ready for further, more widespread actions aimed at curbing China’s technological potential. In the context of relevant intentions, Washington plans to call on allies to join the export control regime against Beijing.

Media outlets, citing insiders, report that officials from the United States want South Korea to limit the supply of equipment and technology for the production of high-end logic microcircuits and memory chips to China. In this case, it means microcircuits, which are more modern than 14-nanometer ones. Also, the restrictions that Washington is calling for Seoul to join apply to the type of DRAM memory beyond 18 nanometers. Insiders used the right of anonymity, noting that the issue of the special export control regime expected by American officials from Seoul is being discussed exclusively in a confidential format.

For the first time, the United States Department of Commerce announced restrictions on the supply of advanced chips and equipment for the manufacturing of concerned products to China in 2022.

Insiders claim that American officials discussed potential export restrictions by South Korea with representatives of the government of the president of this Asian country, Yoon Suk Yeol, in March. According to preliminary information, the United States wants to reach an agreement on this issue before the G7 summit, which will be held in June.

South Korean officials have not yet decided on the call for export restrictions. This is a very difficult and sensitive issue for Seoul. China continues to be South Korea’s main trading partner.

The media has already reported that Washington has demanded that its allies, including Seoul and Berlin, tighten restrictions on Beijing’s access to advanced technologies. It is worth noting that South Korea is currently one of the main global players in the sphere of semiconductor manufacturing and a significant supplier of spare parts for chip-making equipment.

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