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Malta-based Maxpay stops providing services for Russian and Belarusian companies

Opposing the invasion of Russia, Maxpay stopped serving all its merchants that have Russian/Belarusian citizenship and/or pay taxes there

Maxpay, an international payment service provider, in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, stops working with all Russian and Belarusian clients and blocks incoming payment transactions.

In fact, since the beginning of the war, the company has voiced its support for Ukraine. It has already applied certain measures to help the country, including the donation of 40,000 EUR to the Ukrainian army.

Russia's attack on Ukraine is a grave breach of international law. We deeply regret the Russian invasion of Ukraine and stand with all Ukrainian people who are undeservedly suffering as a result of the violence. We don't want to support Russia even by means of our client's taxes, so we stop working with them
Alexandr Mikhailenko, Maxpay's COO  

Besides that, in alignment with the restrictions set by Visa and Mastercard, the company blocks an opportunity to accept payments that income from Russian and Belarusian citizens’ cards for its other clients. By doing so, the company also protects its merchants from potential fines.

We’ve reported that Ukrainians who fled war can now get free payment accounts with EU IBAN.


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