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How to transfer money from Amazon Pay to bank account

Amazon Pay is a popular wallet-based payment method used by millions of people across the globe. Here is how to withdraw funds from Amazon Pay to a bank account


ECB will develop digital euro prototype with CaixaBank and Amazon

The European Central Bank has chosen five partners – including CaixaBank and Amazon – to help develop a digital euro prototype


Consortium wants to pilot European Digital Identity Wallet payments 

A consortium of government agencies and fintech providers from six European countries propose to launch a large-scale pilot to explore European Digital Identity Wallet payments

Finance & Economics

ECB raises interest rates by historic 0.75 point as recession gets nearer

European Central Bank intensifies its efforts to combat inflation while Europe’s economic situation worsens


You can now travel on eco-friendly routes in Europe with Google Maps

Europeans can now optimise their fuel consumption and save money with the eco-friendly routing feature on Google Maps


Where do global governments stand on the CBDC issue?

Many countries have explored and tested national digital currencies. Yet, it doesn’t mean they are going to implement them. Read how national opinions on CBDC have changed over time


Tech giants should share telecom network costs: France, Italy and Spain urge

France, Italy and Spain are urging legislation that ensures Big Tech firms partly finance telecom infrastructure in EU


ECB lifts rates to tame inflation

The European Central Bank (ECB) raised interest rates by 50 basis points trying to control inflation in the eurozone

Finance & Economics

Digital Markets Act will make Apple less exclusive

The new legislation obligates big tech companies to allow app developers and third-party service providers access to device functionalities and proprietary software

Finance & Economics

Here’s how Europeans can help Ukrainian refugees

If you want to help Ukrainians forced out of their homeland, here are some helpful links and resources


Los países de Europa más baratos para vivir

En este artículo, encontrará algunos de los países más baratos para vivir en Europa


Ukrainians who fled war can now get free payment accounts with EU IBAN

The customer onboarding process is completed through the use of a mobile application, available for both iOS and Android mobile phones

Blockchain & Crypto

Biggest risks of investing in Bitcoin explained

PaySpace Magazine Global wants to highlight the main challenges, risks and prospects of Bitcoin investments

Finance & Economics

Starling to make BaaS available in European market

Starling launched BaaS in the UK in 2018 and already has 25 payment and banking services customers


PayPal raises fees between UK and European businesses: reason unveiled

Any rise in payment-platform fees is unwelcome news


COVID-19 vaccine passport: everything a traveller needs to know

Are they a threat to your vacation and legal rights, or the salvation of the tourism industry and global economies? Here is everything you need to know