Fintech & Ecommerce

N26 Rolls Out Stock & ETF Trading

German online bank N26 has launched the long-anticipated Stock and ETF trading product that will allow its customers to buy and sell stocks and ETFs in-app for 0.90 EUR per trade.

Fintech & Ecommerce

N26 to Offer Stock and ETF Trading Via Upvest API

A new investment product for stocks and ETF trading created by N26 in partnership with Upvest is expected to launch in the first half of 2024.

Fintech & Ecommerce

N26 Leaves Brazil

The decision of N26 to wind up operations in Brazil underscores its strategy to focus on its core European markets

Fintech & Ecommerce

N26 Integrates iDEAL Online Payment Standard

German online bank N26 enables the most popular online payment method in the Netherlands – iDEAL


N26 Brings Yield-Bearing Savings to Spain

The new N26 Instant Savings account offers customers in Spain a 2.26% yield, empowering customers to have a better relationship with their money

Finance & Economics

German Bank N26 Expands Crypto Trading Service

German online bank N26 announced an expansion of its crypto trading services to 5 new European markets.


Top Neobanks 2022

Free debit cards, digitised account opening, personal finance advisory, instant payments, and many more features prompt retail customers and SMEs to choose neobanks over legacy institutions

Science & Technology

Research unveiled why German women do not invest

N26 polled 1994 women who currently invest and those who don’t across Germany


Top 5 digital banks in the Netherlands

Although most of them are headquartered elsewhere, the Dutch fintech scene has also produced a few challenger banks to make dealing with finances convenient and easy


Top 5 digital banks in Finland

Let’s see which neobanks can gain momentum in Finland in the near future


Top 10 digital banks in Norway

Today, we’ll tell you about the most successful digital banks operating in Norway

Finance & Economics

N26 customers to settle past payments in installments

The new product presents a responsible alternative to traditional loans or buy-now-pay-later products

Finance & Economics

Germany’s digital bank brings cashless payments for freelancers

Collaboration between N26 and SumUp will allow business owners to provide customers with easy access to digital payments

Finance & Economics

Popular digital bank to offer insurance products

N26 aims to simplify this part of customers’ financial lives

Finance & Economics

N26 introduced CASH26 feature in Greece

The bank’s customers in Greece are now able to deposit and withdraw from grocery stores, directly from the supermarket checkouts


N26 makes its debut in Brazil

The bank has been planning this since 2019