Uber teamed up with global card issuing platform

Already, Marqeta works with Uber’s restaurant food delivery service provider, Uber Eats

Uber Marqeta

Uber teamed up with global card issuing platform. Source: freepik.com

Uber has partnered with Marqeta to provide payments infrastructure and global cards.

Marqeta will enable Uber issue tokenized, virtual or physical cards to more than 100 million users worldwide. Marqeta’s technology will be rolled out in various sectors and markets.

Even with the end of the pandemic, the demand for digital food delivery is likely to increase further with a 7.5% annual increase through 2024.

In the recent past, Marqeta got an undisclosed amount of investment from Mastercard. However, the two companies are teaming up for a global expansion and have been business partners since 2014.

We’ve reported that Amazon announced the integration of Amazon Pay and Uber in India to drive contactless payments there.


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