Best of the week: income inequality, best Robinhood stocks to buy now, China’s crypto money laundering arrests

We’ve gathered some of the best and most interesting articles over the last week.

Best Robinhood stocks to buy now

Robinhood is the platform of choice for many new investors that have flocked to the stock market since the beginning of the pandemic. A simple user interface, fractional share sales, and free trades make it attractive for over 13 million micro-investors.

As the GameStop frenzy showed, together their stock choices can influence the whole market balance. A variety of shares listed by Robinhood and the huge popularity of meme-stocks may complicate trading for inexperienced investors.

China arrests over 100 suspects for money laundering in crypto

Over 1,100 suspects involved in cryptocurrency fraud have been arrested in China. The authorities have also dismantled 170 criminal groups who use digital currencies to enable money laundering and transfer services for telenetwork scams.

5 maneras de apoyar a los negocios locales que se recuperan de la pandemia

Los especialistas afirman que una vía de mejora económica para los pequeños emprendedores es motivar a las personas a encontrar maneras de apoyar a los negocios locales que están saliendo del cierre total y a continuación encontrarás unos tips para hacerlo.

Open Banking Expo Canada Meetups launch virtually this June

Organisers of Open Banking Expo Canada are to launch free-to-attend quarterly meetups for the Open Banking community in Canada. The first meetup will take place virtually on Thursday June 24th, 2021.

Bearish vs bullish: difference explained

These two animals are used to denote the manner of stock price fluctuations. While bears move slowly and put their paws down to attack, bulls rage and run with their horns up once seeing the red rag. Similar patterns may be tracked on the stock market. Stock prices go up and down. However, not every change is bullish or bearish. Moreover, not only stocks can behave like bears and bulls. The same words are used to describe investment strategies and market sentiments. Inexperienced investors may need some clarifications.

US House Republican to accept crypto donations

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) is the initial party committee in the US to receive Bitcoin donations.

Kenya’s economic forecast 2021: what’s coming next?

Similar to the majority of the countries, Kenya also experienced the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on all spheres of life.

Mizuho Bank president to leave after IT failures

Koji Fujiwara, president of Japan’s Mizuho Bank,is stepping down from his role. That followed taking the blame for IT system failures earlier this year.

Income inequality and gender: truth unveiled

People have different skills, capabilities, and experiences. Besides, they perform different types of work. However, not only those objective factors influence income level. Statistics show that gender remains an unspoken element of decision-making in the workplace that affects our salary scores.

Open Banking Expo Awards

Open Banking Expo launches its Awards scheme to celebrate the significant progress of Open Banking across the global financial services sector. Equifax is the launch partner of the scheme.

The ceremony will take place in London, UK on 15 July, and the scheme is now open for entries.

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