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European Commission: retailers face territorial supply restrictions 

The Commission considers these restrictions would support the single market fragmentation

European Commission

European Commission: retailers face territorial supply restrictions. Source:

According to Ecommerce News, European Commission confirms the presence of territorial supply restrictions in the European e-commerce sector.

In some fast-growing consumer product categories, half of the retailers and wholesalers in the EU feel delivery restrictions because of their location. These traders’ limits may impact the ability to supply and resell products to other EU countries.

They may impede or limit the ability of these traders to source goods in other EU countries than the one in which they are based. It can also prevent them from reselling goods to other EU countries than the one in which they are basedrn
The European Commission

The survey found that for certain categories of fast-moving consumer goods, half of retailers and wholesalers face supply denials, product packaging and content differentiation, and destination obligations while purchasing from multinational manufacturers.

Manufacturers say this is due to their internal structure. Their national offices reflect national retailer structures and try to meet the needs of local consumers. But the wide variation in prices set by manufacturers in the European Union for retailers cannot be fully explained by factors such as different charge modes or labor costs.

The analysis also shows that if retailers in all countries with higher purchase prices than the country with the lowest purchase prices could supply their goods from that country, EU consumers could save approximately €14.1 billion (3.5%) on their basic purchases.

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