Major Israeli bank launched new digital wallet service

First International Bank of Israel is one of Israel’s major banking groups

First International Bank of Israel

Major Israeli bank launched new digital wallet service. Source:

First International Bank of Israel has announced the launch of a new payment service: digital wallet – FibiPay.

The digital wallet allows the Bank’s customers to make payments directly from their mobile phone when making a purchase without the need to present a credit card.

FibiPay is currently supported by Android smartphones. It allows customers to attach a credit card to their smartphone, directly from the bank app, and make a mobile payment via a tap at the store.

The new service allows the use of the digital wallet at stores in Israel and internationally, by placing the mobile device near a marked NFC payment terminal that supports an EMV component.

THere’s the list of FibiPay’s major benefits:

  • Joining the service is free and is straight from the FIBI mobile app.
  • Customers do not have to take a credit card anywhere and can pay from a mobile device without the need for a physical card
  • No need to remember and type in a PIN code
  • Place the mobile device near the terminal and pay without direct contact
  • Customers do not need to give up the benefits of having the card – customers are able to view details of charges on the website and in the app, and at the same time, accumulate benefits
  • The service is currently available to customers with Visa credit cards and will soon also support Mastercard. The service is available to all FIBI customers and its other banking brands: Otzar Hachayal, Ubank, and Pagi.

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