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Walmart customers can now return items without leaving home

Customers can leave return request online through the Walmart app or website

Walmart return

Walmart customers can now return items without leaving home. Source:

Walmart announced that shoppers can return items purchased online, shipped, and sold through from their homes.

Customers can schedule a return through this service, dubbed Carrier Pickup by FedEx. The new return option is free of charge and it will be available after the holiday season too.

To create a return request, customers can select ‘Drop off at FedEx’ as their return method, then receive a return code or QR code, and deliver the packaged return with QR code to any FedEx Office location. Once FedEx employee scans the QR code, print and attaches a free return label to the box, and it will be sent back to Walmart.

Besides, Walmart revealed that there is no difference, where shoppers bought items – in-store, online, or from a third-party vendor. Customers can start returning online through the Walmart app or at

In case if customers don’t own a Walmart account, they can also enter the returning page to save time in line and quickly return to the store. Also, many stores will open in-store alternate locations to ensure returns and social distancing guidelines. If a shopper purchased an item in a store using a debit or credit card, Walmart can view the purchase at the checkout.

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