AI Startup Anthropic Reportedly Engages in Talks to Secure $2 Billion in Funding

Startup Anthropic, which operates in the sphere of artificial intelligence, is currently negotiating the secure of funding in the amount of $2 billion.

AI Startup Anthropic Reportedly Engages in Talks to Secure $2 Billion in Funding

The relevant information was reported by the media. Currently, the negotiation process is ongoing, and its result is not obvious. The media reports that the valuation of the startup has not yet been established. As part of a potential deal, the company could be valued at $30 billion. The media reports this information with reference to anonymous insiders.

The negotiation process over the securing of new funding began after Amazon agreed to invest in the startup. The e-commerce giant intends to provide the developer of artificial intelligence technologies with funds worth up to $4 billion.

Anthropic is among the startups that are ranked among the so-called new wave. The company specializes in creating basic configurations of artificial intelligence, which are particularly important for many tools based on advanced technology. Such AI models provide for the need for huge resources. For this reason, significant amounts of funding are needed for the development of a startup operating in the area of artificial intelligence. This need is especially relevant for Anthropic and its competitor OpenAI, which has developed the world’s most popular chatbot based on machine intelligence called ChatGPT.

Negotiations between a startup and potential investors, according to experts, are a kind of evidence of fierce competition between tech giants who seek to get their share in the AI industry. In a sense, it’s a matter of survival. This point of view is justified by the fact that participation in the development of machine intelligence and the creation of products based on it provide something like the viability of companies in the era of advanced technologies, ignoring the realities of which means moving towards collapse.

This year, Google participated in the $450 million funding round for Anthropic. Amazon’s intentions to interact with this AI developer position the e-commerce giant as the main supplier of chips and cloud computing for a startup.

Microsoft has invested heavily in OpenAI, a competitor to Anthropic. The tech giant has provided the creator of ChatGPT with more than $10 billion in funding. Microsoft is currently making efforts to ensure its sustainable presence in the artificial intelligence area. The technology giant also stated its readiness to stimulate innovation in this industry.

Anthropic was founded in 2021 by former employees of OpenAI. This startup positions itself as a company that is focused on safe and responsible technologies. One of the firm’s main products is Claude, a chatbot that Antrophic characterizes as a kinder and more delicate form of artificial intelligence. This AI configuration can perform various written tasks, including summarizing, searching, answering user queries, and coding.

The startup’s chatbot was trained in ethical standards of politeness. This configuration of digital thinking is based on the architecture of the model, which is known as constitutional artificial intelligence and provides other forms of advanced technology in the form of specific product lists of principles required to comply with.

In July, Anthropic presented Claude 2. The company described this development as a friendly, enthusiastic colleague and personal assistant who can receive instructions in natural language.

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