Blockchain & Crypto

BNB Chain halts upon $100M cross-chain bridge exploit 

BNB Chain has faced a significant exploit, with all deposits and withdrawals suspended on the network

Blockchain & Crypto

The state of crypto laundering and fraud incidents: report

Recent reports reveal the extent of cross-chain crypto crime and losses from crypto hacks and alleged fraud incidents


Solana daily transactions exceed Ethereum by 39 million

The Merge hype didn’t help ETH trading activity: daily transactions in the Solana blockchain surpassed 40 million compared to Ethereum’s 1 million token transfers

Science & Technology

Robotic Automation in China’s Factories Increases to Cover Workforce Shortage

Industrial robotic automation in China soars as the country tries to maintain manufacturing dominance despite a shrinking working-age population 

Economic Forecast

U.S. Dollar Rise Threatens Global Economies

Rally of the U.S. dollar may provoke a growth slowdown for other major economies of the world

Fintech & Ecommerce

Fintech M&A on the rise due to low valuations 

Global Fintech M&A rose sharply in the first half of 2022, as deals now take place at discounted prices


Greenwashing in British banks is pervasive

Almost half of the UK banks don’t focus on sustainability despite their ESG claims

Science & Technology

UK fintech investment plunges 

Global decline has ultimately undermined the robust UK fintech investment segment: slowdown is impressive

Economic Forecast

Inflation Eased in Separate Industries

U.S. consumer price inflation moderated in August, but the slowdown was uneven

Economic Forecast

Contactless payment transaction values to surpass $10 trillion globally by 2027: Juniper Research

Growing mobile payment adoption will catalyse robust contactless payment transaction growth during the next five years


Canadian fintech investment sinks

Canadian fintech companies saw only US$810 million in total investment in the first half of 2022, compared to US$1.9 billion in the second half of 2021


Nine in ten card payments are now contactless: Lloyds

Lloyds concluded that debit card spend made in person using contactless technology has grown from 65% to 87% in the last three years


Klarna’s losses quadruple: investors cherish profitability over growth

BNPL giant Klarna saw its net losses nearly quadruple in the first half of 2022 driven by higher credit defaults, increased employee costs and a shift in investor sentiment


Visa Token Service Reached Important Milestone

The number of Visa tokens worldwide grew twofold in a year, reaching 4 billion tokens in circulation and surpassing the quantity of Visa bank cards for the first time


VC investments into blockchain increased to $14.8 billion: GlobalData

VC funds invested an impressive $14.8 billion in the blockchain sector last year, as companies continue to focus on IT solutions built on the technology


NFTs Are Increasingly Targeted by Criminals: Report

More than $100 million worth of NFTs got stolen over the past year, according to report from Elliptic