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Germans use cards more often than cash

Contactless cards became particularly popular among Germans

Finance & Economics

Smartphone sales nosedived globally due to the pandemic

The prolonged economic uncertainties create weak demand for smartphone sales

Society & Lifestyle

Money in Gmail: how to send money with Google email account

Find out how to send and accept money in Gmail


YouTube Music: everything you should know about the app

Google promoted YouTube Music greatly, making it the default music app in new Android phones

Fintech & Ecommerce

MoneyGram teams up with Uber

All the Uber employees are eligible for the discount


Facebook rebrands its Calibra digital wallet

The new name was inspired by the Latin words “novus” for “new” and “via” for “way

Fintech & Ecommerce

Top 10 apps that help earn more money working from home

James Dorian Technical Copywriter   Work from home used to be something unusual. When you heard that other people were doing it, you imagined a pajama lifestyle. But when you strive to make money, the process is not that relaxing. You still have responsibilities, deadlines, and commitments. Now, work from home is the new normal. […]


Leading economies might face recession due to extended lockdown

Lockdown measures to combat COVID-19 have significantly impacted economies worldwide

Finance & Economics

GDPR’s second anniversary: loud cases and statistics

Today is GDPR’s second anniversary


Students can verify tuition payments with biometrics 

This innovation aims to boost security and fraud protection of tuition payments

Society & Lifestyle

Global consumer confidence to decline during Q2 2020: report 

The Conference Board revealed that the pandemic will cause major declines in consumer confidence


How Thai Airways has managed to avoid bankruptcy and stay afloat

The government helped Thai Airways to avoid bankruptcy

Society & Lifestyle

Brits spend 42% less on non-essentials last month

The report explains how essential and non-essential spending across the UK changed amid the lockdown


Major music service launches its own digital token

One eMu token costs $0.39

Finance & Economics

Instant messaging gains traction: statistics revealed

The increased need for remote communication during the pandemic drives the growth


Study unveils major tech trends for 2020

The emergence and rollout of new technologies are anticipated to be vital for many sectors around the globe

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