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Losses of Russia unveiled

  Total estimated losses of the enemy from 24.02 to 28.02 (as for 6 a.m.) 29 planes 191 tanks 74 cannons 291 vehicles 21 multiple-launch rocket systems (Grad) 3 unmanned aircraft 29 helicopters 816 armored personnel carriers 5 air defense systems 60 tankers 1 portable anti-missile system 2 ships/motor boats 5300 personnel (estimated) PLEASE SUPPORT […]

Science & Technology

Apple Pay unavailable in Russia after US and EU sanctions

Customers of some sanctioned Russian banks no longer use payment services such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, according to Apple Insider. United States and European Union sanctions continued to freeze foreign assets of Russian banks as the Ukraine crisis continued on Friday. From now on, customers will no longer be able to use cards […]


Bitcoin donated to Ukrainian army surpasses $4 million

Donations, including those made in cryptocurrencies, have been pouring into Ukraine since the start of the Russian invasion on Thursday

Elon Musk

Elon Musk says Starlink internet service is ‘active’ in Ukraine amid Russian full-scale invasion

Elon Musk gave Ukraine access to satellite broadband services as a Russian attack disrupts the internet


Website providing information for the Ukrainian people and refugees arriving in Europe launched

We urge our readers to share this information with relatives, friends and with everyone who you know needs help!


Putin is a child-killer. Sign this petition – stop him!

On February 24th, President of Russia Vladimir Putin started a full-scale invasion in Ukraine Russian troops keep shelling Ukrainian cities with ballistic misselry, killing innocent men, women and children and looting. This has to be stopped and Ukraine needs your support! PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION The world must recognize Putin as a war criminal! SEE […]


Save Ukraine from Russia

Ukraine is under attack by Russia. War is in the center of Europe. Ukrainian military and civil citizens show outstanding bravery in defending their homeland. We fight. We need your help. Currently, we have needs in various areas: medicine, transport, equipment, and many others and they grow constantly every minute. Let’s say “NO TO WAR” […]


Russia-Ukraine war: What happens to stock markets in case of a full-scale invasion

What would happen to stock markets in the worst-case scenario?