Best of the week: NFTs, pre-owned business boom, PayU interview

We’ve gathered some of the best and most interesting articles over the last week.

1. PayU executive on e-commerce landscape in a post-COVID market

PaySpace Magazine reached out to Marius Costin, Head of EMEA High-Velocity Sales & US Global Account Team at PayU to ask him about the current e-commerce state, most attractive markets nowadays, which sectors turned out to be the most unprepared, and more!

2. First child-friendly crypto piggy bank unveiled

Strive has introduced a digital piggy bank integrated with crypto wallets that is child-friendly.

PaySpace Magazine considers financial literacy for kids as a perspective opportunity for every child to learn how to manage their finances at an early age.  This way, they will realize not only the value of money but also understand the concept of being responsible for their earnings. Meanwhile, you can learn how to engage Millennials into banking.

3. What keeps stablecoins stable?

Everyone knows that the crypto market is highly volatile and dealing with it is akin to gambling. Why are some virtual currencies called stablecoins then? Let’s find out!

4. Americans: ”COVID-19 is never going away”

PaySpace Magazine anticipates there is unlikely to be a precise end date for the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 herd immunity isn’t reachable due to the recurrence of symptoms. We consider that the coronavirus vaccine can only contain the disease, although, it cannot wholly stop it.

5. Are stablecoins a good investment?

Since we’ve figured out what makes stablecoins stable, it’s time to access them as an investment type.

6. Zalando expands its pre-owned business across new European markets

From April 22, customers in Austria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Italy, and Sweden are able to trade in their pre-owned garments directly on Zalando.

PaySpace Magazine anticipates that growing consumer demand for pre-owned clothes is expected to shape the future of apparel industry. More and more people 18-30 are expressing interested in buying second-hand clothes since it’s sustainable and cheap. Especially during the COVID-19 fallout, consumers are turning to more affordable alternatives while doing shopping. As a result, they have the opportunity to not only find high-quality apparel but also help the planet.

7. Why are some NFTs worth millions?

How are those non-fungible assets estimated and where do they get their value from? That’s what we’re going to discover.

8. Non-vaccinated workers shouldn’t be allowed to work from home: poll

49% of working Americans believe that employers should require vaccination proof for those employees returning to the workplace.

PaySpace Magazine anticipates that businesses are likely to experience harsh times due to their COVID-19 vaccination policies. As we can see, there’s a vast part of people refusing to take a jab thus jeopardizing the safety of their co-workers.  At the same time, those businesses that make COVID-19 vaccination mandatory are likely to be accused of violating human rights.

9. Cruise industry forecast: what’s coming next?

As the cruise industry is intrinsically linked to the travel and tourism sector, this industry has also borne the brunt owing to lockdowns on the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, as the vaccination process is being swiftly rolled out around the world in general and Europe and North America in particular, things have started to look sanguine for the industry.

10. UK health management app added vaccination certificate feature

myGP app has announced a new vaccination certificate feature.

PaySpace Magazine anticipates that the majority of similar health management apps will soon prepare for this ”new normal”. They are likely to include the vaccination certificate feature due to the fact that some countries will make vaccination mandatory for tourists.

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