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The world’s 8 richest women: Jacqueline Mars

Jacqueline Mars is a successful businesswoman and investor

The world’s 8 richest women: Jacqueline Mars. Source:

The whole world is celebrating International Women’s Day on the 8th March. Ahead of this day, we are preparing to warmly congratulate our dearest women: mothers, sisters, wives, friends, and colleagues. Our editors have also decided to take time and pay honor to the incredible financial achievements of some outstanding women.

Global statistics shows that even in the twenty-first century, the payment gap between men and women is quite tangible. Female employees also have lower chances of great career growth and top managerial positions. How can women prosper in such a world? Let’s examine the stories of the world’s eight richest women according to Forbes real-time data.

The woman we want to tell you about today comes from the famous family of candy makers. This autumn she is going to celebrate her eightieth jubilee.

Jacqueline Mars (USA)

The next wealthy American comes from the famous family of candy makers. Her surname strikes a chord in the heart of everyone who has a sweet tooth. Her grandfather, Franklin Clarence Mars, was the founder of the Mars, Inc. The company currently belongs in the top 5 private businesses in the USA.

Nevertheless, Jacqueline did not merely inherit and enjoy her wealth. She is a successful businesswoman and investor. She specializes in the fields of business and finance and has a degree in anthropology. Jacqueline joined the family business in 1982 as Food Product Group President. The group developed new food products and dealt with strategic marketing. She officially retired in 2001, but remains a co-owner and continues to serve as a strategic advisor.

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Mars, Inc. is the producer of the world’s famous sweets – Mars, Snickers, Milky Way, and M&Ms. However, they do not stop at candy. They developed 13 food brands, including the famous Uncle Ben’s products. The company also opened the Mars Edge division concentrated on targeted nutrition for the benefit of human health and wellness. They collaborate with the global scientific institutions to study the health impact of cocoa flavanols which is the basic ingredient of the CocoaVia dietary supplement. Mars Edge also introduced five innovative technology platforms in the areas of food, plant, biomedical and life sciences. Their scientific projects may be found at

Mars also cares for our dear animals, producing the world’s best-known pet foods such as Pedigree, Whiskas, Royal Canin, or Sheba. Mars Petcare is the largest veterinary health group in North America. It includes such pet hospitals as Banfield, Blue Pearl, and Pet Partners. Their most recently added business division, Connected Solutions, develops pet care innovations such as patented genetic technology testing for dogs, Wisdom Panel Health and the dog tracker called Whistle. Mars latest campaign, “Better Cities for Pets”, has already helped around 400 homeless animals to find their new homes during the two-day adoption event.

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Jacqueline Mars is also a famous benefactor. Her donations through Mars Foundation go mainly to the spheres of education, culture and the arts, as well as environmental conservation. She takes part in cultural life being on the board of directors for the National Sporting Library and Washington National Opera and Fine Arts Museum. She is also a trustee of the US Equestrian Team. Being very fond of animals and the countryside, she owns a working farm specializing in organic farming and horse training.

In 2013, she became the party at fault of a terrible car accident. Falling asleep at the steering wheel, Ms. Mars hit a family van with six passengers in it. As a result, an 86-year-old woman died and a pregnant passenger had a miscarriage. Unlike Alice Walton, Jacqueline Mars did not deny her fault. She pleaded guilty to reckless driving. However, the families of the victims did not insist on her imprisonment. The heiress ended up paying a fine and losing her driving license for six months. She apparently provided good financial assistance to the grieving family members and expressed her deep sorrow and regret.

Jacqueline was married twice and has three children from her first marriage. She is a grandmother of six. This autumn she is going to celebrate her eightieth jubilee. Her current net worth is $24 billion.


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