The world’s 8 richest women: Yang Huiyan

Her name has stayed on top of China’s richest women rating for 7 years straight

The world’s 8 richest women: Yang Huiyan. Source:

The whole world is celebrating International Women’s Day on the 8th March. Ahead of this day, we are preparing to warmly congratulate our dearest women: mothers, sisters, wives, friends, and colleagues. Our editors have also decided to take time and pay honor to the incredible financial achievements of some outstanding women.

Global statistics shows that even in the twenty-first century, the payment gap between men and women is quite tangible. Female employees also have lower chances of great career growth and top managerial positions. How can women prosper in such a world? Let’s examine the stories of the world’s eight richest women according to Forbes real-time data.

Yang Huiyan is the only Chinese representative in our top 8.

Yang Huiyan (China)

The only Chinese representative in today’s top 8 is the richest woman in her native country. Yang Huiyan (37) is also much younger than all the previously mentioned billionairesses. She is a property developer and the majority shareholder (57%) of Country Garden Holdings that builds houses and manages hotels all over the country.

The company is relatively young. Yang’s father co-founded it in 1992. As a teenager, his youngest daughter became interested in the business. She started to attend business meetings and learn the ropes. Eventually, most of her father’s shares were transferred to Yang in 2005. In 2 more years, she gained the title of the richest woman in China for the first time. Being 25 at the time, she also became the youngest Chinese billionaire so far.

Yang Huiyan is not a public person. Source:

Except for the housing business, Yang is a chairperson of Bright Scholar Education Holdings. This public company is a major operator of bilingual K-12 schools and international education in China. They employ native English speakers from many countries of the world. The scope of Bright Scholar activities ranges from kindergarten and school education to extracurricular training services, overseas study tours, domestic camps and implementation of various educational technologies. Receiving her degree at Ohio State University, Yang motivates other students to get international diplomas and become successful professionals.

Education is very important for her family. Yang’s father comes from the low-income population strata. He was forced to do farming work instead of going to school as a teenager. He received his education later due to a scholarship grant. That gave this self-made billionaire a chance to build his own business and cast off the chains of poverty.

Yang Huiyan is not a public person. Little is known about her personal life except for the fact that she has been married for 13 years already. Although China has the highest number (60%) of the world’s most successful female entrepreneurs, her name has stayed on top of China’s richest women rating for 7 years straight. Her current net worth is $20.8 billion. In 2018 the share price of the Country Garden Holdings surged so quickly that Yang added $2 billion more to her assets just within 4 days.


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