Apple & OpenAI Finalizing ChatGPT iPhone Integration Deal

ChatGPT is expected to be integrated into Apple’s next operating software update, iOS 18, if the deal is finally sealed.

Apple & OpenAI Finalizing ChatGPT iPhone Integration Deal

According to a May 11 Bloomberg report, tech giant Apple is already in the final stages of negotiating a deal with OpenAI to integrate ChatGPT features on the iPhone software.

The media statements of the two companies resuming the negotiations first appeared in April. However, Apple and OpenAI did not respond to a media request for comment on insider information about the talks.

Although Apple’s representatives are actively exploring the use of generative AI for the company’s products, the firm has considered different variants. For example, Apple has also been reportedly discussing the integration of the Gemini chatbot by Google. Nevertheless, at present, the collaboration with OpenAI seems more plausible judging from insider information.

An agreement with OpenAI would let Apple offer a popular chatbot among AI features to be announced next month in an upcoming software update to the iOS 18 version.

Besides, the tech giant might benefit not only from the already existing ChatGPT features but also from the innovations to be presented today. Early reports suggested that OpenAI was going to launch an artificial intelligence-based Internet search system. However, the firm hasn’t made any official statement so far leaving the public excited by the intriguing announcement of “some ChatGPT and GPT-4 updates”.

Except for the likely ChatGPT integration, Apple has a lot of AI-related projects in progress. The firm has been investing about $1 billion per year in the technology upgrade needed to integrate generative artificial intelligence (AI) across its whole product line. The tech giant has even acquired the Canadian artificial intelligence startup DarwinAI, to strengthen its own AI capabilities.

Apple is also currently working on a new AI-based coding tool as well as AI chips for its data centres equipped with the company’s proprietary in-house processors.

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