Meta Looks to Launch AR Partnership With Magic Leap

The media reports that Meta is seeking to establish a partnership with Magic Leap, which specializes in developments related to augmented reality (AR).


Cybersecurity Trends for 2023: From Zero Trust to Cyber Insurance

It’s time to prepare for what’s to come in the world of cybersecurity. Last year has been marked by an alarming increase in phishing scams, cyberattacks, data breaches, and crypto heists. Additionally, we’ve witnessed a surge in hacktivism cases involving state-sponsored cyber groups disrupting critical infrastructure, defacing websites, launching DDoS attacks, and stealing sensitive information. […]

Science & Technology

Meta Says Generative AI and Metaverse to Evolve Together

The Reality Labs division is still not close to leaving the category of unprofitable enterprises, but for Meta, this state of affairs is not a reason to abandon the implementation of the Metaverse concept, even taking into account the fact that all efforts, according to experts, in this case, are concentrated on not too far-sighted […]

Science & Technology

CaixaBank Raises Eco Awareness in Metaverse

Customers visiting CaixaBank centres in Ibiza, Burgos, Valencia, Barcelona and Madrid between 20 and 27 April can take the virtual tour in metaverse designed to raise environmental awareness

Blockchain & Crypto

Hugo Boss Adds NFC Tags to Headwear for Digital Twins Creation

Hugo Boss added equipped a selection of baseball caps with an NFC tag that enables purchasers to create NFT digital twins and dress their metaverse avatars


JPMorgan Funds Metaverse Payments Platform Tilia

A payment platform for metaverse economies Tilia has secured a total of $22 million in funding from JPMorgan and Seoul-based fintech Dunamu to scale and provide KYC-compliant micropayments

Blockchain & Crypto

Nissan Tries New Sales Avenues With Four Web3 Trademarks

Nissan enhanced its Web3 efforts with four new related trademarks filed in the US, while its Japan unit is currently experimenting with auto sales in the metaverse

Blockchain & Crypto

South Korea Launches Metaverse Fund

The Ministry of Science and ICT of South Korea established an investment fund to support the growth of metaverse initiatives in the country

Finance & Economics

Japanese Banks to Enter Metaverse Economic Zone

Leading Japanese banks and tech companies have joined a metaverse infrastructure project to provide payments, authentication, and insurance services for users across platforms


Virtual Fintech: Banking in the Metaverse

The buzzword of today – metaverse – drives closer attention and huge investments from all major tech players. Retailers and banks cannot stay behind.

Blockchain & Crypto

Seoul Government Opens City’s First Metaverse Project

According to Seoul’s mayor, Oh Se-hoon, the new virtual environment will allow residents to access official documents, file complaints, and receive help with filing taxes.

Science & Technology

CES 2023 Showcases Touch and Smell Tech for Metaverse

Metaverse needs more customised and real-life-like user experiences such as the integration of the senses of smell and touch into VR experiences, as demonstrated at CES 2023


MeetKai Launches Digitising Service and Metaverse Builder

MeetKai startup is launching several new platforms for metaverse creators and users, including a room-scanning service and a tool to build structures and spaces in the metaverse


Fidelity is up for Metaverse and NFT

Investment giant Fidelity Investments is eyeing innovative financial services such as payments in metaverse and NFT marketplace

Blockchain & Crypto

Nasdaq Revealed What VC Investors Cherish in Metaverse

The new report from Nasdaq found that larger metaverse platforms received more attention from investors this year


Mars Labs & DWF Labs Team Up for Metaverse

The Mars Metaverse, scheduled for official launch in 2024, has gotten $1M investment from the web 3.0 investment company DWF Labs

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